Video Editing and Streaming

Coming soon January/February 2022

WeBeLive Mediis Studio
Live Video Multi Camera Network

NVIDIA Jetson Nano Xavier Video Production Platform
Ubiquiti Wifi Professional Media Stream Network
Manage 2,3,4,5,10+ Multiple Live Video Cameras
Ubuntu Enterprise Open Source Linux Operating System

WeBeLive Mediis Studio is designed with leading-edge open source software video editing and streaming tools

Open Broadcaster Studio, Openshot Video, Audacity Audio, Blender 3D, and more

WeBeLive Mediis Studio is designed with high quality wifi network controller system

Providing you full control of your wireless wifi and lan network of cameras

WeBeLive Mediis Cameras are compatible with the WeBeLive Mediis Studio

Our cameras are Raspberry Pi Zero and Pi4 computers delivering real-time video transmission to the WeBeLive Mediis Studio