Video Editing
and Streaming

WeBeLive Mediis Studio
Live Video Multi-Camera Network

AI multiple neural processing for high quality video production
Wifi Professional Media Streaming Network
Build and Manage 2-5-10-20+ Video Cameras

WeBeLive Mediis Studio is built with NVIDIA® Jetson™ Autonomous Machines

NVIDIA® Jetson™ Autonomous Machines is a small AI computer that has the performance and power efficiency needed to run modern AI workloads, multiple neural networks in parallel and process data from several high-resolution sensors simultaneously.

WeBeLive Mediis Studio NVIDIA Nano and Xavier models are pre-installed with Ubuntu Linux operating system delivers high quality, flexible live video editing and streaming platform to suit your budget and controlled networked cameras growth plans.

WeBeLive Mediis Studio are pre-loaded with leading edge software video editing and streaming tools

Open Broadcaster Studio, Openshot Video Editor, Audacity Audio Editor, Blender 3D Graphics Editor and many more.

WeBeLive Mediis Studio are pre-installed with leading edge Ubiquiti Network tool

Now you can efficiently build, scale and manage your multiple cameras with WeBeLive Wifi Network on the host WeBeLive Mediis Studio.

WeBeLive Cameras are pre-configured wired w/o POE and wireless with Wifi UniFi Access Point to the WeBeLive Mediis Studio.

WeBeLive Camera runs on Raspberry Pi Zero and Pi4 computers delivering real-time video transmission to the host WeBeLive Mediis Studio. There are several models to choose and all methods can be intermixed in your multiple cameras set up in your WeBeLive Ubiquiti UniFi Network.

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New Launch mid-June 2021